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Are you losing money and sleep due to system outages, slow response to issues and low skilled support personnel?

Resolving IT issues after they occur is frequently more difficult and costly than preventing issues in the first place. When you wait until there is business disruption, you need to devote the time to, first, identify the problem, then to call and arrange the time to diagnose the issue and then, to actually fix it. The time to resolution for these outages could last minutes, hours or days and could impact one person or your entire organization. The frustration mounts as the minutes tick by and you have no idea when you will be back on-line.

Cost of repairs are minuscule compared to lost productivity. Staff distracted by chaos are not focused on critical business functions. Employees need the calm predictability of uptime and reliability. Unpredictability is distracting, stressful and drains profitability.

Systems and networks require structure and discipline, much like children. When you do not provide a suitable diet, exercise, immunizations and quality time with your children, they behave erratically, become ill and act out. This disruptive behavior can cause significant tension and frustration. This type of undesirable behavior can be curbed in children and also within your business systems.

Our processes provide our clients unprecedented visibility into their environment and the risk factors that threaten uptime and reliability. We assess and develop comprehensive remediation plans that are phased in over time to accommodate critical priorities and cash flow constraints. Our proactive services are guaranteed to reduce unplanned downtime and system interruption, as well as provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Are you a business or technical person?

If you are a business executive, your time is constrained and very precious. You expect results when commitments are agreed upon. You want facts in a manner that you can understand and interpret, because timely decision needs to be made. You have a need to reduce business risk while maximizing staff productivity. This is what will drive revenue and profitability.

If you are a technical support person, you are judged by the services being delivered throughout the organization. You are expected to assess needs, document systems, and justify funding decisions for process improvement, service delivery, cyber security and other risk avoidance strategies. Sometimes you experience a lack of executive buy-in to proposed changes. You frequently lack the time to implement and maintain processes and systems to proactively prevent fires and service interruptions. Sometimes you lack specialized skillsets, because specialization is not an option for your position. You need some assistance to fill in the gaps which would improve service delivery.

Seriously, how does this benefit me?

For the business executive, you gain access to a business person who can translate technical nuances into business terms. We will help your team plan and execute enhancements that improve the productive time each staff member can contribute to your organization’s mission. We value our client relationships and work diligently to earn your trust and respect year after year.

For the technical person, you benefit immediately by gaining access to resources, processes and knowledge to make your service delivery more efficient and reliable. As an extension of your team, you will have resources to vent ideas and build relationships as we share in the accountability for business outcomes. Our efficient remote support and scheduled maintenance windows outside normal production time, retain focus on uptime and reliability.

Our managed services also allows each of you to enjoy date night with your spouse or time playing with your children. We also offer freedom to plan weekend getaways and vacations because you are not stressed about service interruptions impacting your organization and your customers. Our services our tailored to improve your life and your business.

We’ve heard that before.

We also understand that you are skeptical. The fact is, we help organizations systematically reduce risk, guaranteed. You do not have to believe us today, but you can take input from many of our clients who validate these claims. We are committed to long term relationships with our clients, so we are known to go above and beyond. The consistent service delivery and outcomes build trust and generate peace of mind. At the end of the day and week, we are all about creating smiles as we improve your life and your business.

What’s the next step?

If you are motivated and want to pursue positive changes for yourself and your organization, then we encourage you to call us or drop us an email. One of our team members will be happy to begin a conversation with you about your needs and desires. Even if we determine that we are not a good fit, we will still try to help you find someone who can help you. After all, we are committed to improving your life and your business.

Do we sound like the kind of IT partner you need?

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