Hardware and Software as a Service

Have you and your team been hesitant to purchase new hardware or software due to a large initial capital investment in technology that rapidly depreciates in value? Do you need an affordable software and or hardware solution that can fit into your budget? By turning the expense of technology into a monthly operating cost, rather than lumpy one-time expenditures, the benefits of SaaS and HaaS will be clearly seen upon evaluation.

You may be asking yourself, what is HaaS and SaaS? HaaS is Hardware as a Service and SaaS is Software as a Service. These models are growing in popularity due to the flexibility of fitting almost any budget, turning large capital investments into a much smaller monthly operating cost and avoiding technology investments that become obsolete before the asset is fully depreciated. Another valuable benefit of our HaaS offerings is the inclusive support of the hardware being acquired as a Service. Many companies fall into a trap of deploying firewalls, switches and servers but fail to keep them patched which introduces security vulnerabilities and functionality issues to the business. Whereas our HaaS programs include these vital services within the monthly program fee.

This provides peace of mind for business owners and IT staff alike who can focus their energy on more profitable and productive activities.

Comprehensive and customizable reports put critical information at your fingertips to give you full visibility of your organizations email activities. We commonly see system reports that show that 90% or m

To determine how HaaS and SaaS can help you accomplish more in your business in 2015, drop us an email to hash out the details about how HaaS and or SaaS can help you improve cash flow and service levels for your business.

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