Email/Spam Protection

Despite new and emerging methods of communication such as LinkedIn and Twitter, email remains the top communications tool for business. It is no wonder cyber criminals continue to use email as a primary channel though which to wage their attacks. In addition to dealing with these risks, organizations also must be wary of confidential information going out the door either accidentally or intentionally. These events can result in monetary loss, compliance violations and brand damage.

Complete email security requires visibility of all blended attack vectors coupled with granular policy and content controls. Whether on premise or in the cloud, you need protection against blended threats and a multi-layered anti-spam approach that prevents all of those worthless and malicious emails from reaching your email system and the Inbox of every staff member.

Do you receive emails with attachments that appear to be from banks, shipping companies or credit card companies? What about offers from cable TV providers, or advertisements for Lasik vision or weight loss? These emails represent vulnerabilities with embedded malware, the spam emails consume resources and waste your time.

Imagine your Inbox without all of these distractions? What could you do with an extra 10 to 30 minutes a day?

Comprehensive and customizable reports put critical information at your fingertips to give you full visibility of your organizations email activities. We commonly see system reports that show that 90% or more of inbound email is spam. Based upon these recurring facts, a secure email gateway has a fast ROI whether you have 20 email users or 500 emails users.

Are you tired of the email distractions and looking for a quick and affordable means to improve productivity in your business? We can help you create a plan, communicate the changes, implement and support your new system and help you measure the impact to your business.

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