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Welcome to ASSURANCE GROUP and compelling value consulting.

As period five is underway and planning continues on your rolling budgets, are your expectations for results and value increasing this quarter?  Have staff reductions over the past few years and the pace of change limited your team's ability to respond quickly to business needs?  Has unresponsive and reactive support from your current IT provider caused business interruption? Stop the madness!
Now is an excellent time to reduce risk, consider alternatives and make changes to improve your organization.  We help organizations resolve and avoid problems that impact profitability.  Asking for assistance from Assurance Group will bring expertise and keen insights to your lean team and accelerate the delivery of much needed results.  Two of those critical areas that commonly need improvement is your data backup and recovery processes and your information security.  Without your protected data, you're out of business. 
To experience a client oriented approach with focus on your business outcomes and performance, give us a call.  We will bring clarity to the needed quality, time frames and funding of your key initiatives.  Let's make plans; call today.

We are a business and information technology consulting firm that can improve your organization's ability to achieve its objectives and function more efficiently and more profitably through the better use of technology and processes.

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